Sofia brings together the best startups in the region at an exhibition and conference

Only 10 days left to apply for participation at Sofia Startup Expo 2018

The countdown has already begun. The next 10 days are the last dates when the creators of startup companies and innovators will have the opportunity to apply for participation at Sofia Startup Expo 2018 (SSE). A lot of companies from different branches have already secured their place at the exhibition, and they will get access to a unique community program and resources which will allow them to give wings to the best ideas.

The first exhibition and conference for startup innovative companies in Bulgaria will open on 13-14 of March, at the "John Atanasov" Innovative Forum, Sofia Tech Park.

Sofia will bring together the entire startup ecosystem needed to start and maintain a startup innovative business - technology developers, innovation managers, and investors - to build partnerships. And what is happening is not accidental as during the last several years our capital has been rated as one of the ten best cities in the world for entrepreneurship and starting up of a new business. There are various reasons for this, the most crucial among them being the fast internet, low cost registration of new companies, low taxes, and last but not least, the availability of investment funds and their active work. The investors have taken an interest in our country to do business. Thus, Bulgaria, the poorest country in EU, has developed as a kind of a startup hub and has begun to attract companies and investors in various sectors not only from the country but from the region too.

This is also evident from the profile of the participants and lecturers at Sofia Startup Expo 2018, as well as from the themes of the conference - "Perspectives for the startups in Bulgaria" (March 13, "John Atanasov" Hall - Sofia Tech Park, 10.00 hrs). The exhibitors will include companies and projects in the field of information and communication technologies, energy, energy efficiency, food industry, manufacturing, ecology, visual arts, artistic and event management, etc. Among the participants there are startups from Bulgaria, Macedonia and Turkey.Only 10 days are left for registration. The "Founders" program gives you the opportunity to participate even on an area of ​​2 sq. m., and the "Fighters" program is completely free. See more about the programs at: The latest applications for participation at the exhibition with a stand will be accepted until March 6th. Tickets for the conference can be found at:

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