The first start-up exhibition in Sofia began

Starting companies, investors and entrepreneurial organizations can now participate in the first start-up exhibition to be held Sofia Startup Expo 2018 is organized by the Manira communications company on March 13 and 14. The aim is to provide a platform for the presentation of young business people.

The project manager Dimitrina Hristeva commented on Capital that the reasons for organizing the exhibition are, on the one hand, the world trend for such events and, on the other hand, the economic development of the country. "Starting companies have prospects, banks are looking for new projects to diversify their portfolios, and Bulgaria has good market conditions for development. There is an economic revolution in the world that changes the way of doing business, the structuring of the workforce and greatly shortens the distance from the idea to its realization, "she said. international conference speakers.

Exhibition Organization

The exhibitors at Sofia Startup Expo 2018 will be able to present their business according to their individual needs, among which are the rents a stand, a direct presentation of their products, conference sessions or digital visualizations, "The space will be in line with the ideas of startup companies and those who support them," says the project manager. depending on their size and location, and if necessary, additional equipment may be provided to the participants. "Our striving is the latest and financially unstable good projects to participate in tolling or not in order to have a chance and market access, "says Christeva. In order to participate in the event, exhibitors have to fill in a request for participation on the website of Sofia Startup Expo 2018.

The companies in the exhibition will be divided into 13 branch categories according to the products and services they develop. These include energy, agro-food, agriculture, telecommunications, healthcare, etc. "A wide range of new technologies, advanced services and products in different categories will be demonstrated with additional knowledge of IoT through interactive seminars and presentations," the organizers write.

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