SOFIA, March 13 (Xinhua) -- The first edition of Sofia Startup Expo, an exhibition for innovative startup companies in Bulgaria, kicked off here on Tuesday, showcasing some technical miracles.

The expo brought together more than 50 companies, investors and institutions.

Wearable device with a smart camera designed to assist visually impaired people, vehicle collision avoidance system, as well as alarm system with wireless magnetic sensors communicating via encrypted channels, are some of the technical miracles shown at the two-day event held under the motto "Give Wings to Your Ideas."

Dimitrina Hristeva - Project manager of SSE at the morning show of Europe TV, 04.03.2018

Only 10 days left to apply for participation at Sofia Startup Expo 2018

The countdown has already begun. The next 10 days are the last dates when the creators of startup companies and innovators will have the opportunity to apply for participation at Sofia Startup Expo 2018 (SSE). A lot of companies from different branches have already secured their place at the exhibition, and they will get access to a unique community program and resources which will allow them to give wings to the best ideas.

The first exhibition and conference for startup innovative companies in Bulgaria will open on 13-14 of March, at the "John Atanasov" Innovative Forum, Sofia Tech Park.

The first exhibition for startup innovative companies in Bulgaria will open in March in the "John Atanasov" Hall, Sofia Tech Park

The organizers of the first exhibition for startup innovative companies in Bulgaria announced two new startup programs for the participants in Sofia Startup Expo 2018. These are the Founders Program and the Fighters Program, both of which expect the potentially good business ideas in the Create zone of the exhibition.

The first Bulgarian exposition for startup innovative companies “Sofia Startup Expo 2018” (SSE) will take place in Sofia in March this year.

Sofia Startup Expo 2018 is a trade show for startups and new entrepreneurs who will present their latest innovative products, technologies and services. At the exposition technologies, innovation managers and investors will meet to build partnerships and create, and shape the future. That's why the slogan of the first edition of the exhibition is: "Give wings to your ideas".

The SSE will be held on 13-14 March 2018, at “Sofia Tech Park”, “John Atanasov” hall and will cover all the components needed by the startup innovative business - startup companies, the leading corporations management, government agencies, incubators, investors, venture capital funds, banks, students' ideas and technology companies from all over the world.

Exhibitors from the field of the information and communication technologies, education,


Starting companies, investors and entrepreneurial organizations can now participate in the first start-up exhibition to be held Sofia Startup Expo 2018 is organized by the Manira communications company on March 13 and 14. The aim is to provide a platform for the presentation of young business people.

The project manager Dimitrina Hristeva commented on Capital that the reasons for organizing the exhibition are, on the one hand, the world trend for such events and, on the other hand, the economic development of the country. "Starting companies have prospects, banks are looking for new projects to diversify their portfolios, and Bulgaria has good market conditions for development. There is an economic revolution in the world that changes the way of doing business, the structuring of the workforce and greatly shortens the distance from the idea to its realization, "she said. international conference speakers.

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